The Italian Grille was founded in 2006 by the Armstrong family. The Italian Grille is owned and operated by Jo-Ben Inc., whose president and CEO is George Armstrong. This ownership is shared and controlled by Josh, Ben, Kim, Nan, and George Armstrong

The roots of this family being in the restaurant business go back 26 years. For 26 years, George and Nan Armstrong were the owners of the Auburn Pizza King. While in business, they did amazing things for the business, customers, employees and community.

In 2001, George and Nana decided it was time to travel a different avenue in life and sold the Pizza King. After both sons moved away and themselves spending time away from the great city of Auburn, all parts of the family have returned to do it once again.

In 2006, the five Armstrong’s decided it was time to return to Auburn and create another restaurant. With the experience from their sons to help guide them, they created The Italian Grille.

The Italian Grille was a vision of a family who had a desire to provide a casual dining restaurant with a higher quality dining experience that would leave them WOWED.

The family’s goal was to develop a restaurant concept that would be between the casual dining experience and the fine dining, white tablecloth environment. The family’s goal was to develop a restaurant that focused on high quality food, outstanding service, and great value but not to rely on gimmicks or non-food marketing techniques to be successful.


Mission Statement

The Italian Grille is a first class, full-service and family oriented restaurant. Our goal is to consistently exceed our guest’s expectations by providing quality products with gracious hospitality and exceptional service that “WOWS” our guests. The Italian Grille maintains stability through fiscally responsible management.

We also want to create a dynamic environment in which well-developed professional have fun while accomplishing organizational and personal goals. We continually strive to be an efficient and growth-oriented organization while maintaining our ability to be flexible and adaptive to the needs and desires of our guests and professionals.



Are you interested in a career with The Italian Grille? We have a fun environment, and great pay!